GEASYT S.A. was founded in 1985, and develops all consulting activities in the fields of building, engineering and architecture.

The company has experience in the development of building projects, urbanization, direction and optional integrated project management and construction of buildings, with an emphasis on mechanical and electrical installations.

The technical team is headed by two senior industrial engineers: Francisco Sánchez Sáinz and Gustavo Álvarez Pérez.



Project & Construction Management

Planning, cost control, quality control, inspection and monitoring works.

Architecture and Building

Office buildings, technological buildings, theatres, TV studios, libraries, educational buildings, health buildings, museums, ...


Urbanizations, college campuses, galleries services, road lighting ...

Transport Engineering

Rail and subway stations, rail electrifications, bus stations.

Hydraulic Engineering

Water supply, plumbing, sewerage.


Control of internal and external environment, noise and vibrations.

Software Development

Software for special applications

R & D

Proprietary systems for energy efficiency and industrial applications.



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