Geasyt offers maximum quality in its final products. We adapt our processes to meet our customerís needs according to the following guideline.


Basic Project Development

Geasyt will compose a Basic Project, to be approved by the promoter, which will include architectural solutions that enable the construction of the building. This document will additionally permit license requesting.


Execution Project Development

In this phase, the precise properties of the building will be defined, completing all necessary specifications in materials, equipment and construction.


Health and Security Study

The precise solutions to guarantee Health and Security during the construction Works are defined in this study. It will meet the required legal measures in order to guarantee that the works involved in the Execution Project can take place in a clean and secure environment.


Activity Project

The composition o fan Activity Project in order to request and manage activity licensing is also handled by Geasyt. When necessary, the project will be stamped at the corresponding institution.


Quality Control Plan

The aim of this plan is to guarantee that the construction works are performed with the technical quality as specified in the Project. This includes a detailed description of the required testing and its time plan.


License Management

Geasyt elaborates its projects according to the required standards in order to meet the requirements established by the authorities.


Global Budget Draft

Composing a Global Budget Draft is the aim of this phase, in order to give a precise estimate of the Project costs.



Geasyt plans the previous activities according to the time constraints. This plan should work as a time schedule for all the phases described above. Also may include Project Management (read more).


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